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Our Community of Champions
Amount Raised to Date: $570,276.06
Number of Donations: 3,214
Number of Donors: 2,660
Number of Champions: 179

Justin's Buddies Porch Party
 Durham Academy Students at the Justin's Buddies Porch Party

Welcome to our community of champions. Here you will find chordoma patients, and friends and family who care about them, raising money to fuel the research that's needed to find a cure.

Each dollar that these champions raise helps the Chordoma Foundation accelerate the pace of new discoveries, and brings closer the day when people will no longer suffer from this challenging disease.

At this moment, there are dozens of scientists with important chordoma research projects that are ready to start, but remain on hold for lack of funding. Without support from the Chordoma Foundation many of these projects will never happen, and many discoveries will go unmade.

Through grassroots fundraising, the chordoma community has the power to make this research possible. Whether by supporting a champion, creating a champion page of your own, or creating an event to reach an even bigger fundraising goal, this is where you can take action to bring about a cure.

Please join us in the search for a cure by taking action today. We greatly appreciate your support!

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